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Gastronomic hotel: very beyond the accommodation

noticia hotel gastronomico

A few decades ago, a hotel's food and beverage department accounted for about "10% of profits and 90% of problems." Now, F & B (Food & Beverages) has bet on innovation by cutting-edge chefs and contributes more than 35% to hotel billing.

Hotels that opted for quality find that Food & Beverages (F & B) has a big impact on the business. The rise of F & B "has changed all the bases of the hotel industry," Enrique Lezcano, director of catering and beverages at the Meliá chain in Spain, recently told EFE.

But the industry is still taking its first steps in Spain. In fact, in Asia, the percentage of F & B in the hotel reaches 50%, because they are "very large facilities that house casinos, banquet complexes and up to three Michelin-starred chefs in the same hotel," he explains.

Indeed, one of the most important aspects of holiday travel is gastronomy. It has become the main focus of spending during vacations, especially for the Millennial generation, and 80% of hotel professionals consider it a determining factor when it comes to business growth.

Gourmets, as these fanatical travelers of good food are known, have come to stay and the hotel industry has to take advantage. They like the food, the presentation of the dishes and overload Instagram with thousands of gastronomic photos. But how to satisfy such demanding customers?

The bottom line: do not provide a mediocre experience.
It is necessary to innovate the menuLocal and risky food.
People travel to experience new things and create lasting memories.
The food, undoubtedly, can be very attached to both.

Travelers are more and more curious and concerned about the origin of their food and the way they arrive at their plate. For this reason, as guests become more concerned about their health, local food options are the best choice. In addition, betting on the typical cuisine of the destination helps the restaurants of the hotels to compete with the remaining restaurants.

Still, it is important to consider that the majority of hotel restaurant customers will be the guests themselves. And many of them will be visiting their destination for the first time and, therefore, will want to immerse themselves in the local culture. Similarly, people are more likely to experiment during their vacation, so the more exotic opportunities are offered on the menu, the better. Also do not forget the craft beers, the local wines and the cocktails made with local liquors. It is therefore increasingly normal for hotels to hire chefs who experience flavors and textures, but this in turn maintains a close relationship with local producers to ensure the authenticity of their meals.

Experience, experience, experience

Customer service is essential to succeed in a hotel restaurant. It is essential that the place is as welcoming and hospitable as possible. Travelers have to feel at home. All guests should be treated in a personalized and unprejudiced manner. We have to make the customer feel important. The gastronomic experience of the hotel should be as careful as the mattresses, the pillows or the room temperature.

And why not organize wine tastings, cocktail contests or tastings of handcrafted products in the hotel restaurant? This kind of experience is growing, and in addition, it will generate more revenue for the hotel.

The restaurant seen as a single business

A hotel restaurant should be compatible with the rest of the property and reflect its essence but should also be able to operate as a separate entity to maximize profits.

Obviously, it's hard for a hotel owner to have the same nuance and attention to detail that luxury restaurants have. But today's consumer can discover the limitations of the restaurant and the service in question in seconds by reading some comments. Therefore, let us avoid these mediocre dining experiences so that most of the comments are positive.

One technique that is often very successful is to give the restaurant a unique identity: it must have its own name, its own website and its social networks. Generating a brand will later help separate you from the hotel and look for an exclusive customer.

Finally, it is important to take the price into consideration. In other words, having reasonable prices helps both the restaurant and the hotel's public areas to become meeting spaces between guests and locals.

This can also be useful for locals recommending our hotel to others who are looking for accommodation. Still, two trends are offered: hotels with restaurant totally separate from the accommodation and that organize activities in parallel and those who bet on the interconnection of the lobby with the hall to encourage interaction between guests and locals.

An incentive for groups

The hotel's F & B also offers a great opportunity to increase the income of group bookings. As was said at the outset, catering and beverage incomes already account for about 35% of the hotel's total income. Being the hotel, itself organizing meals is an incentive that tour operators appreciate.

But in order to achieve this, it is important to focus on the profitability of spaces to transform them into F & B spaces. Bringing gastronomy to non-traditional places appeals to guests, as it is a way of attracting them and encouraging them to dine at the hotel. In addition, giving space to other companies to hold cocktails and events helps open the doors of the hotel to other audiences.

In summary, terraces, patios or even the vestibule can be converted into very profitable F & B spaces for the bedroom.

For example, the Charlotte Marriott City Center has boosted a unique culinary experience by installing a full LG kitchen in the hotel's meeting space. This allows the culinary experience to perfectly match all kinds of events by giving participants a more exciting and engaging experience.

TecnoHotel | Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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